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Auto Lease Expiration Data Now Available

According to a Google auto shopper study, 95% of vehicle shoppers use digital channels to research. They’re also using 24 research touch points, and 35% use their mobile device to conduct online research. Targeting the right consumer with the most targeted messages cross channels is more imperative than ever for the auto industry.

Relevate Auto possesses the largest and most accurate data in the automotive marketing industry to help you pinpoint your ideal audience when the moment is right. With information on over 225 million consumers, 190 million VINS, 170 million email addresses, demographics, and online consumer IDs, our auto data provides the insights you need for the right consumer connections.

Automotive & VIN Marketing Data - Relevate Auto

  • VIN data available for all 50 states, including privacy states.
  • Auto lease expiration data on over 2,700,000 consumers with an automobile lease expiring in the future.  Data can be pulled by lease expiration date and can further be segmented by vehicle ownership information, demographics and contact data.
  • Data available across all major digital platforms.
  • 100% populated with Make, Model and Year as derived directly from VINs.
  • Every lead record includes Name, Address, Make, Model and Year.
  • Premium selects include in-market for a new vehicle, consumer demographics, segmented wealth modeling, email addresses, and full VIN.
  • Multiple other selections available such as engine size, fuel type, drive train, engine block, and engine cylinders.
  • Validated emails available for approximately 45% of file.
  • Directory assistance validated phone numbers for approximately 70% of file.
  • Kelley Blue Book and Black Book data: Price data available for output and can be added to data records.
  • New Movers: Allows you to know when your customers move and make sure you can retain them at another location.
  • Other Vehicles in the Household: Upsell by getting a list of your customers’ other vehicles in the household and gain new customers if it is a different driver.
  • Motorcycle ID: Multi-sourced from verified consumer transactions including retail sales, service centers, and aftermarket repair, and it’s 99% populated with Make, Model, and Year of the motorcycle owned.
  • Relevate Signals: Signal leads represent real people who are actively shopping at a dealer lot. Our innovative solution matches mobile devices to actual people complete with demographics, contact information, and VIN data.
  • Saturation Data (Neighborhood Saturation Residential & Business File) – At virtually 100% coverage, the Relevate Auto Neighborhood Saturation Residential & Business File reaches virtually every household in America. 

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