Email Append & Email Deployment

Having multi-channel touch points to reach consumers with targeted messaging at the right moment is critical for today’s marketers. Boost your cross-channel engagement with Relevate Email, the largest repository of high quality email addresses in the industry. The Relevate Email database is a high quality, permission-based national file with over 198 million unique email addresses and input records at over 1.5 billion.

Email Append & Email Deployment

Robust email solutions for append, reverse append, validation and deployment:

  • One of the largest repositories of email address with input records at over 1.5 billion
  • Email addresses go through a proprietary 8-step validation process to identify addresses known to be associated with spam traps, invalid emails and domains, role accounts, complainers, known hard-bounces, etc.
  • Updated monthly with additions and deletions
  • Time, date stamp and originating URL available on most records
  • Email addresses are screened for offensive originating URLs (i.e. adult websites)
  • The data is compiled from third-party opt-in data
  • Each email address is scored based on several factors including the number of reported sources
  • Over 220 million record suppression file saving your sending reputation
  • Proprietary confidence codes resulting in more valid matches, much higher than off-the-shelf email append software
  • 100% deliverability guarantee

Email Data List Provider

Acquire and nurture your leads with optimized email deployment

Deliver highly targeted messaging to your customers and prospects with DataMentors’ robust email deployment solution. This comprehensive product integrates our campaign management platform with Relevate Email data to power your campaign with appended and validated email addresses and fully responsive email messages.

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  • Use any number of personalization variables
  • Run campaigns against your suppression files
  • Throttle capabilities to optimize deliverability
  • Send from multiple IP addresses to decrease chances of spam flags
  • Improve your email performance with A/B split testing
  • Segment your lists for targeted communications based on behavior or preference data
  • Send triggered or event-driven email campaigns to further engage consumers
  • Analyze campaign results in real-time for immediate marketing action