Relevate Signals - Dealership Marketing Leads

The Revolutionary New Way to Sell Cars

You may already know that mobile is transforming the car buying journey, but are you ready for the next wave of mobile marketing?  Targeting actual, in-market consumers while they are in the final stages of their car buying decision.

Dealership Marketing Lead

Unlike traditional mobile marketing, which only targets the device, Relevate Signals targets the actual consumer during the crucial 48-72 hour period when they’re making a buying decision. With Relevate Signals, you know which of your customers and prospects are visiting competing dealerships and which dealerships consumers are using for service.

Relevate Signals is different from traditional mobile marketing or lead products because Signal leads represent real people who are actively shopping at a dealer lot. Our innovative solution matches mobile devices to actual people complete with demographics, contact information, and VIN data.

Automotive Marketing Data

Specific use cases and results include: 

  • Dealer Visit Signal - Conquest: A person visiting a competing dealership in your area 
    Results: Over 3 million people annually tracked visiting a competitor brand dealership.

  • Dealer Visit Signal - Loyalty: A person visiting a common brand dealership in your area 
    Results: Over 1 million people annually tracked visiting a common brand dealership.

  • Service Signal: A person visiting a dealership for service in your area 
    Results: Over 1.5 million people annually visiting a dealership for service. This indicates an opportunity to create service segments by dealership brand.

  • Insurance Signal:A person visiting a dealership indicates a possible auto insurance change 
    Results: Over 4 million people annually visiting a dealership in search of a new car.