Acquire Profitable New Members & Patients with Real-Time Marketing Intelligence

The healthcare industry is challenged today to deliver more value to consumers while keeping costs low. With changing market dynamics and a more customer-empowered marketplace, healthcare organizations must acquire the most profitable members to sustain a competitive advantage. DataMentors provides real-time marketing solutions to power the right engagements with in-market prospects before the opportunity is lost. Our Right Time Marketing process blends best in class consumer data, real-time mobile and social intelligence, and offline and online data for optimally timed engagement across channels.

Nurse and patient

Features of DataMentors' Healthcare Industry Solutions:

  • Break down data siloes to gain a single view of your members and patients to improve touch points and compliancy
  • Identify consumers who are experiencing life changing events and may soon be in market for your products, plans, and services
  • Target consumers at the right time across multiple channels through our channel partners or integration with your marketing automation platforms
  • Link consumer offline and online identities for real-time insights into the optimal message that will drive conversion with multi-channel engagement strategies
  • Integrate with digital ad buying partners to generate micro-segments for delivery of customized online ads specific to your audience
  • Enhance your data with hundreds of data selects to better understand your customers’ and prospects’ demographics, lifestyles, channel preferences, and more.
  • Create unique customer journeys to attract, acquire and grow customer lifetime value with the DataMentors Marketing Cloud

Data Solutions

Business Demographics & Marketing Data

Relevate Business is built from multiple sources of data together and includes over 23 million contacts at 15 million U.S. businesses. Data is triple-verified and information is consistently updated from Yellow Page directories, company websites, and over 20 other primary sources.

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New Mover Mailing Lists

Relevate Mover is the industry’s leading cross-channel database for new mover and pre-mover marketing. Data goes through an extensive data append and hygiene process and is enhanced wtih consumer demographics to help you accurately identify premovers, premovers with homes under contract, and new movers.

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Email Append & Email Deployment

Relevate Email is the largest repository of email addresses with input records at over 1.5 billion. Email Append compares client files to a database of over 283 million verified records. Email Validation flags potential undeliverable addresses, autocorrects syntactical errors, and identifies spam traps, complainers, and more.

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Phone & Reverse Phone Append Services

Relevate Telematch is the industry leader for new connects, forward, and reverse phone append. Data is sourced from over 200 telephone companies nationwide, includes 260 million records, and is updated daily with an average of 106,000 new connect listings.

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Digital Marketing Data

Drive your cross-channel success across all major digital platforms with DataMentors’ industry-leading data solutions. Our digital data provides marketers, advertisers and agencies with robust consumer intelligence to drive improved campaign effectiveness and cross-channel marketing success.

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Consumer demographics & list solution

Relevate Consumer offers access to multiple consumer data files for highly targeted marketing campaigns. Relevate Consumer is built from hundreds of sources including public records, phone directories, U.S. Census data, consumer surveys, and other proprietary sources.

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Data Quality & Integration Solution

Data Quality & Integration

DataFuse, DataMentors’ data integration and quality solution, has consistently been recognized in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for data quality excellence. Key capabilities include real-time or batch integration; standardization of name, address and product information; matching and linking data across multiple fields; robust geo-coding; and data enhancement.

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Real Time Web Data Services

Real-Time Services

DataMentors provide enterprise-class web services for real-time data appending. Accessible through an API, our service provides access to comprehensive databases to assist companies with Compliance, Customer Identification, Data Verification and Data Enhancement.

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Marketing Automation & Campaign Management

The DataMentors Marketing Cloud provides a powerful platform to seamlessly integrate the insights generated at the intersection of multiple data types, and to deploy campaigns and experiences in real time. With intuitive capabilities, the DataMentors Marketing Cloud quickly unifies data across the customer journey to help organizations identify, manage and grow customer lifetime value by understanding behavior, delivering actionable insights and increasing sales.

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Marketing Data List Solution by DataMentors

Data Access Platform

SmartSelect provides real-time access to our industry-leading data, including multiple national data sets for direct mail, telemarketing, email prospecting, and online advertising. Choose prospect records from any of our multi-sourced, meticulously cleaned and maintained marketing databases.

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Increase customer value and optimize marketing spend with DataMentors’ analytics solutions. We  combine our market leading data products and technologies with a robust suite of analytic tools and processes to extract meaningful data insights to boost your ROI and maximize campaign performance.

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