Auto Data

Relevate’s Auto ID is powerful data set for marketers who need automotive ownership information. Auto ID is 100% populated with the make, model and year of the vehicle as derived directly from Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN), the unique serial number that provides precise vehicle identification characteristics. Our data is transactional and corroborated, validated and distilled, from over 2 billion auto transaction records we receive each month.

The Auto ID file is fully compliant with privacy laws, making it a very attractive data set for acquisition and retention campaigns for automobile insurance, warranty, retail and services companies. Each record contains the name, address, make, model and year. Premium data selects include transaction dates, consumer demographics, and other unique qualifiers.

All leads have gone through extensive hygiene and are certified valid for marketing purposes. New data is added and updated monthly.  Vehicles that have been sold or traded are removed daily.

  • Multiple primary and proprietary data sources
  • 100 Million households
  • Information on over 181 Million vehicles
  • Enhanced with consumer demographics like income and presence of children
  • Proprietary response/performance model data available

Access to accurate and legal auto data has been difficult to obtain since the inception of the Driver Privacy Protection Act and subsequent Shelby Amendment. Auto ID solves this problem for automotive marketers. If you need automotive leads or an automotive mailing list, call us for counts, or submit a quote request.