Marketing Automation & Campaign Management

Power your business with real-time customer journey management and powerful analytics and visualization with the DataMentors Marketing Cloud

Customers are engaging with you all the time: reading emails, browsing webpages across multiple devices, clicking on ads, scrolling through social media and maybe buying your products or services. Today this data is fragmented across many systems and cloud based marketing platforms—obscuring customer behavior. Imagine if all this rich data was available for you to build insight into each customer journey then orchestrate campaigns to deliver the right message, to the right device, at the right time.

This is the DataMentors Marketing Cloud

The DataMentors Marketing Cloud is a powerful enterprise grade marketing automation and analytics solution to transform your business. Now available for companies of any size, this all-inclusive platform includes a rich suite of business intelligence tools, real-time journey based marketing automation, and flexible visualization capabilities.

Highly intuitive and easy to implement, the DataMentors Marketing Cloud empowers you with the flexibility to easily access the data you need to make decisions, the freedom to visualize your data in any way you want, and the ability to make real-time decisions to move your business forward.

  • Data, technology and analytics are seamlessly brought together in the DataMentors Marketing Cloud to create right time marketing insights
  • DataMentors leverages 1st party data with real time 3rd party data to target and market to prospects and customers based on what they’re doing in the moment
  • Includes a complete suite of charts, graphs, maps, pivot tables and VENN diagrams to visually explore and identify the right data insights.
  • Real time integrations with over 500 digital technologies to make it easy to unify, manage and schedule data flows for any channel
  • Intuitive journey-based campaign management that offers an infinite amount of segment, program and individual options

Build your Customer Journey

Marketing Automation

Today, the relationship customers build with an organization is far from linear. They research and connect with your business many times, across different devices and touchpoints. DataMentors helps marketers manage automated Customer Journeys that engage uniquely at every stage, based on each individual’s behavior. Create campaigns that recognize if customers have visited your website, browsed certain product categories, opened your emails or visited your stores. Deliver relevant content, at the right time, to support your campaign and ensure they keep moving through the journey – to increase conversion rates and lifetime value.

Visual Data Discovery

Analytics and Insight

Placing analytics in the hand of the marketer through a friendly graphical application where you can easily visualize your audience and identify profitable or underperforming segments.  Organize your customers and prospects into groups and categories, blending the information you know about them to find hidden, untapped segments then engage with them instantly by  building a Customer Journey.  A range of charts, graphs, pivot tables, VENN diagrams and maps make analysis fast, easy and simple.  In-built Recency, Frequency, Monetary (RFM); Recency, Frequency, Engagement (RFE) and Lifetime Value models enable even the most inexperienced Marketers to identify and act on customer behavior instantly.

360° Customer View

Unify Fragmented Data

Your customers are not cookies or email addresses, they’re people.  Every minute they tell you so much about the things they like, don’t like, what encourages them to engage with you and what turns them off.  This behavioral data is fragmented across website visits, email opens, social interactions, forms completed and purchases, plus much, much more.  DataMentors unifies this data around each customer so you can see, understand and act on their behavior.  Through a range of system connectors we continuously collect data from around your ecosystem and consolidate it into a 360 single customer view by merging identities from multiple devices into one, deduping customer records and without the need for significant IT resources.  No more data extracts and list uploads to drive your marketing campaigns.